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The shortest distance between two points in the universe is a structural link™
mind machine
Chi Energy Boosted Radionics Devices are Powerful Tools that can help you to ...
Achieve Assured Success Faster and Easier
Results that are More Effective and Far Reaching than ever before
... at the Flip of a Switch!

The following applications of this extraordinary new technology are based on personal experiences of many proud owners of Welz Chi Generators, orgone radionics devices and power radionics programs.

Click below on the links of your choice for more information.  Naturally, there are infinite many more uses, many of which you certainly will find and explore.

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Chi Energy Technology, Chi Mind Machines™,
Chi Energy Boosted Magick and Radionics

Imagine Having the Power ...

    to enter the mind of any person on this planet
    to compel them to do your will
     to generate your success, love, money, and peace of mind

... at the flip of a switch!!!

        with The New Chi Generator®

With simple attachments to the Chi Generator® such as the various filter packs (the Alphabet of Desire, Sex Pack, Stress Zapper Pack, or better yet, a combination of the Welz Chi Generator® with a radionics device you can now modulate life force even further for any purpose you desire. The Chi Generator® will then project this modulated life force to any target of your choosing and it will do so continuously!!! That’s why the Chi Generator® is the ideal tool to help you increase your personal power, prosperity, performance, and success!!!

The Chi Generator®, when used properly, can be your powerful weapon that you can aim at any person of your choosing without them having the slightest idea of why they act in some specific way – which can be the way You Want It To Happen!!! Therefore the Chi Generator® can be your decisive tool to help you make all your dreams come true. It is a power generator and a creator of favorable trends in one.

Most importantly it works at any distance !!!

You have had this experience when you performed the transfer test!!!

The Chi Generator® as a Mind Machine

The new orgone technology used in your Chi Generator® or Orgone Radionics™ Device finds an ideal use as a mind machine! It certainly is exciting new technology that can do a lot more for you than mind-machine gadgets of the past: the earphone-goggle type devices that may come to your mind whenever you hear the word, mind machine.

In fact, the TEST to feel life force at a distance is tangible proof that, with the introduction of this extraordinary new technology, the use of arphone-goggle type contraptions is a thing of the past – obsolete !!!

More about this in the description of the LPOG Chi Generators®!

It is certainly more effective, it is simpler, and, above all,
it’s exciting news for the person who wants to take advantage of the benefits of brain wave neurotechnology (mind machines) in situations where the wearing of goggles and earphones has an appearance ranging from strange to outright ridiculous.

Just think of wearing such a contraption on your head during a date
or when appearing in an important business meeting!!!

Even if you think that you know everything about mind machines, I suggest that you read the following. The reason being that you will find information that goes far beyond the concepts of the run-off-the-mill light-sound device or electric-mini-shock apparatus that you attach to your ear with gadgets that remind us of roach clips.

Brain Waves and Mind Machines

It has been well established that every thought, feeling, sensation, and level of awareness has a corresponding brain wave pattern, or frequency. When, on the other hand, you want to determine what level of awareness you want to experience, you can do so by controlling your brain waves.

This method of controlling brain waves is not new at all! Long ago – in the 1930’s – researchers found that repetitive light stimulation caused brain waves to follow and to pulse at the same frequency. For decades now some "new age gurus" have made use of repetitive sound stimulation, usually of the inaudible and subliminal kind, in order to cause their captive audiences to be more receptive to their preaching.

From this knowledge of the effects of light and sound stimulation it was but a small step to the development of a variety of Light-Sound devices that you find on the market today. Those devices give off light flashes through goggles and sound stimuli, usually through earphones, that will cause the brain to adjust to a desired brain wave frequency and consequently generate the corresponding level of awareness.

In principle, the usual Light-Sound device is a pulse generator into which earphones and goggles are plugged. In other words: if you want to access a specific level of awareness and get the benefits of their corresponding brain wave frequencies, you need to do so with earphones and goggles on your head.

A further development was the introduction of devices that delivered weak electric shocks to the brain, usually through attachments on the ear lobes. The pulse generator of that contraption is in principle the same as with the Light-Sound devices.   

Imagine yourself having an important meeting such as a date or a business meeting. You would like to be at your best, setting yourself right there into a level of awareness that promises optimal results. A conventional mind machine could help. However, I do not think that such a meeting would be very productive if you showed up with earphones and goggles on your head or with attachments on your ear that look like roach clips delivering electroshock therapy to your brain!!  

That’s exactly where the new Chi Generators®
offers as exciting a solution as there can be!

In the test for transfer of orgone you have gained direct evidence that you do not need to wear ridiculous head gear to stimulate your brain. What’s still more exciting: With the Chi Generator® you can now project brain wave frequencies - any brain wave frequency that you desire - at a distance -- any distance, and you can do so to other people as well, provided that you have a good structural link! This means that you can use orgone-boosted neurotechnology while in any important meeting, date, or interview, with no need to have those ridiculous goggles and earphones attached to your head! All you need to do is carry a transfer disk on you to have a direct link-up with your chi generator® that is in your house -- a few blocks away or half around the globe! This is a neurotechnology that goes far beyond the limitations of the run-off-the-mill Light-Sound devices and related contraptions!

Imagine establishing a structural link to a powerful opponent in your meeting and "mellowing out" that person with the appropriate brain-wave frequency …

"Structural Link" - painting by Gertrud Welz, artist in Rome, Italy
See for more of her art

A Third Millennium Concept of Magic

There is certainly no doubt that the invention of the Chi Generator® by Karl Hans Welz was the beginning of a new era in mind machine technology. This is so, because the life force that emanates from the Chi Generator® is pulsating in a frequency that you can set on your device, ideally devices with the precision modules! This characteristic of life force, its pulse, opened upman fascinating uses of the life force generator, especially its use as a powerful mind machine! Since the measured (very small) electrical effect of brain waves is a result of life force pulses (pulses of chi energy) in the brain, it makes a lot more sense to transmit pulsed Chi energy directly to the brain rather than lights, sounds, or electric mini-shocks. It is now well established that the brain adjusts its wave pattern much more readily when stimulated by a pulse of life force itself (the stuff it’s made of anyway) rather than over the detour of flashing lights, sound frequencies, or electroshocks. Therefore, a Chi Generator® is a more effective tool to work directly on your nervous system than any light sound contraption that has ever been used on this planet previously!!! You will definitely notice that the various kits of Chi Generators® and accessories will do everything that the Light-Sound devices can do, ... and then some!

and all that at very competitive prices !!!

Magick for Everyone, Results for Everyone !!!
See our Catalog !!!

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